Black Mold Symptoms

The greenish black color mold is a nasty stuff which is toxic in nature. It is discovered in the buildings after any major water damage in the form of flood. Any exposure to the black mold is toxic and even hazardous to human health. The Black Mold Symptoms, the result of VOC or Volatile Organic Compound, may cause a variety of health problems like respiratory and health issues, problem in the eyesight and many more. VOC is linked strongly to the occurrence of nervous and respiratory issues in humans and animals. If there is any breathing difficulty, you can guess that mold has inflicted your home. Apart from breathing, if there is toxic mold in the home, it can lead to health problem that resembles flu. There can be regular headaches, an event of memory loss, poor concentration levels, inability to focus, lethargic and sluggishness. You may be wondering about the Black Mold Symptoms and its various impacts. Let us check out the impact of toxic black mold on human health.

Black Mold Symptoms

Black mold can lead to neurological and mental symptoms

Toxic black mold produces trichothecene mycotoxins which is neurotoxic in nature. The toxic element severely impacts the neurons of the brain and even impairs the mental ability of the person. There can be nervous disorders like tremors to cause problems in the personality. You may experience mood swings and irritability.

Black mold can severely impact the respiratory health

People having toxic black mold at home are often exposed to toxicity through breathing. Mycotoxins and black mold spores can affect the respiratory system, leading to burning sensation in the respiratory tract. You may experience a burning sensation in the mouth, nasal cavity and throat. The mycotoxins can get lodged in the lungs, sinuses and also mucus membrane to cause severe breathing problems. Some of the symptoms are frequently coughing, sneezing, wheezing, swelling in the lungs, sore throat and several others.

Skin symptoms

Through the skin pores, the mycotoxins enter the body. In the past there have been instances of severe skin problems in the form of skin rashes, skin eruption. So, wherever one touches the hay, such problems occur. Symptoms of black mold include crawling skin, jaundice and dermatitis.

How can the black mold affect the immunity system?

Toxic black molds can release chemicals that are very bad for the immunity system and the immune health. The one who is immunocompromised will suffer from severe sickness and skin infections when comes in contact with the black mold.

Allergic symptoms relating to mold

When black mold invades the human body, it leads to various kinds of allergies. If you have an overly sensitive immunity system, you will be more affected. The black mold can develop hyphae and the one who breathes in the mold inflicted air, he/she develops allergic symptoms. Some symptoms include coughing, runny nose and itchy eyes.

Other symptoms of molds

Apart from the health related symptoms, there can be various signs showing that the home is inflicted by mold. The scent and appearance of the mold in the home shows that there is black toxic mold, requiring professional intervention. One may not be aware of the presence of mold in the home but may stink regularly. Secondly, there can be spores and dark spots all over the ceilings and the walls of your living environment. Molds can be traced in the washrooms mostly. You can find the ugly and unsightly black spots lining your bathtub. That is exactly mold. If you find that there is just a small amount of mold then it is not an issue. But, if you find excessively dirty spaces in your home affected by mold, you need to consult a mold removal professional. Get your home inspected for mold and take all the necessary steps to eliminate it. If your home emits musty and funky odor, there is mold in the home. If molds are not addressed in a timely manner, it can impact the structure and foundation of your home.

Check out your home surroundings frequently to make sure that there is no mold. As already stated, molds can severely impact the health of an individual. Only a reliable mold specialist can help you rid black mold symptoms and allow you to breathe in fresh and clean environment, free of allergens.